Quality, Automation and AI

What is TestOps?

It sounds like a simple question and answer. This blog should be complete in 30 words or less, right? Not…

30 Lessons on Test Automation, Quality, and Leadership

We love to celebrate our amazing leaders in the Testim Community. We asked our leaders for advice they would give…

Developer-To-Tester Ratio: What’s the Right Mix?

How many testers does it take to test a product? This sounds like the opening to a water cooler joke,…

No Code / Codeless / Low Code testing: What’s the difference?

In testing, we often refer to tools and frameworks as either coded or codeless. What does that mean? And, is…

Test Automation Plans for 2021: Insights from the Testim Community

We asked our Testim Community leaders about their plans for test automation and software quality in 2021. Growing testing coverage,…
Best Practices

Ask Me Anything, Benji Gruenbaum, Dev Leader

In our recent Ask Me Anything event, our community joined guest speaker, Benjamin Gruenbaum, Testim Dev Leader, to get all…

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