Testim Mobile

The complete mobile testing solution

Get started fast with Testim Mobile. There is no software to install or devices to connect. Start with your app, author tests code free, and execute in the cloud with the push of a button.

Mobile testing challenges

Device types

Huge variability in mobile devices, operating systems, and configurations results in greater risk.

Coding skills

Authoring mobile tests requires coding skills and technical knowledge of mobile testing frameworks.

Test stability

Scripted tests use simple selectors to identify objects within the app. If the app changes, the tests fail.

Usage conditions

Mobile apps must operate under a wide range of conditions, including network availability, battery levels, and GPS locations, making comprehensive coverage challenging.

Device management

Manually connecting, configuring, and maintaining real and virtual devices is complex and needed before any testing can begin.

Solution integration

Mobile testing solutions are often built from many different components to create and execute tests, which take effort and time to integrate and maintain.

Key Capabilities

Fast, flexible, zero-footprint authoring

Author, configure, and customize stable tests easily without the need for any local setup. Testim Mobile’s low-code authoring makes it easy for the entire team to participate in application quality.

Code flexibility

Not all testing challenges can be predicted. That’s why Testim Mobile offers the ability to use code to customize any step to handle unique testing challenges.

Test stability

Powerful multi-attribute locators identify objects better, boosting test stability. If an application changes, Testim uses alternate attributes to keep the test working.

Device management

Test using iOS and Android devices in real usage conditions with Tricentis Device Cloud, backed by our support when you need it. Save time spent setting up devices and get back to building great mobile applications.

Virtual Mobile Grid

Create and execute tests in the cloud

Virtual Mobile Grid provides a wide range of virtual iOS simulators and Android emulators to author and execute mobile tests. Continuously test earlier with each check-in, providing greater coverage across more device configurations, identifying bugs earlier in the development process, and improving application quality.

Integrated solution

Integrated solution

Testim Mobile brings together zero-footprint, low-code test automation, real device execution, and virtual devices within a single integrated mobile test solution.

Application management

Manage application versions in an easily accessible central repository and ensure your tests run against the correct version, using the needed configuration.


Dashboards and visualization aggregate errors to help diagnose failure causes, making it easier and faster to identify and fix issues. Drill deeper with console and network logs at each test step.


Organize tests with folders, labels, and suites. Control and manage changes, including branching, three-way merge, and pull requests. Run your tests with each release as part of your CI/CD pipelines to get feedback or create release gates, depending on the test pass or fail status.