AI-Based Stability

Tired of fixing tests on every application change? There’s a better way.

Not just stable, resilient!

You test to find regressions and raise confidence that defects will be caught. When a test fails, you investigate. Was it a bug? A network failure? A broken test? In a Testim survey, stability was the top-ranked priority by over 1,000 respondents. Why? Because resilient tests reduce troubleshooting and maintenance time so you can focus on the application.

Self-healing Smart Locators

Waits informed by millions of runs

Shared steps and groups

AI-based Smart Locators

Most test automation frameworks use a single CSS selector to identify web elements. Simple application changes often affect CSS selectors, breaking tests, and requiring updates. Testim inspects the entire web application HTML DOM to identify hundreds of attributes that define each element. If the color, text, or location of an element changes, Smart Locators can identify it and keep the test valid. Testim gives you full control to adjust or override the locators to suit your app.

Auto-improving Locators

Over time, the application-under-test may diverge from the test baseline. Rather than wait for the test to fail, Testim proactively improves locators. First, Testim recalculates the locator based on current information, then performs a side-by-side evaluation before automatically updating the locators. The result is automated test maintenance without human involvement. 

Automated Waits

Tests can fail because the testing application attempted to identify page objects before they were rendered. Testim helps address this issue by inserting waits into the test steps. Waits are informed by analyzing millions of test runs and vary by element type. You can insert event-dependent waits into tests to account for application variability.

Shared steps and groups

Reuse is a fundamental concept of software engineering. Write a method rather than copy code. Testim shared steps and groups minimize maintenance when changes are needed because a single fix applies to all dependent tests. Testim simplifies reuse with auto-grouping, to discover frequently duplicated steps and replace them with shared groups.

“We had a change in our login flow across all our applications…your smart locators were still able to find all the elements and none of the tests failed!!! I thought there would be low maintenance required, in fact, zero maintenance was involved! Astonishing!!!”

Katya Aronov
Automation Engineer

“Testim’s simple user interface makes it easy for our developers to add tests without a steep learning curve. We grew coverage by 30% in three months and found that very little maintenance is required so we can keep increasing coverage.”

Automation Engineer

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