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Deduplicate your tests with Auto Grouping!

Auto grouping is an industry-first feature that enables you to maximize step reuse in your Automate project. Testim will periodically…

Writing Your First Custom Stylelint Rule

At Testim.io we care about code quality and UX. For this reason, we use various tools that make development easier and more…
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Selenium and Playwright Visibility Checks: Why do they fail and how to fix?

Checking element visibility might seem simple, “It’s just on the page!”. However, there are several issues with visibility checks. Why…
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Puppeteer, Selenium, Playwright, Cypress – how to choose?

At Testim, a lot of what we do is build  AI-based features on top of automation frameworks to add stability,…

How Testim.io Handles Shadow DOM

How Testim.io handles Shadow DOM Shadow DOM & Custom Elements - Background If you are familiar with shadow DOM and…
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Understanding XPath

Following my latest article "CssSelectors not only for styling" many people asked me about the difference between using CssSelector and…
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