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Remove the bottleneck to faster releases with modern UI testing that keeps pace with agile development.

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Develop, release, learn, repeat.

Today’s agile and DevOps teams learn through rapid iteration. Everyone is responsible for quality assurance, yet testing skills vary by role. You need a solution that accelerates and scales testing for the entire team.

Everyone’s job

A well-designed testing strategy built with unit, integration, and UI tests leverages each member’s expertise to maximize coverage with reduced effort.

Shifting left

It’s not just for developers; testers need to shift activities earlier and pair with developers to drive better testing and create more testable code.

Enhance skills

Tools should be straightforward, enabling team members to extend their skills, fill gaps where needed, including troubleshooting tests they didn’t write.

Test Operations (TestOps)

Supporting a multiskilled quality team requires tools to help you manage complexity, deliver high-caliber processes, and provide continuous improvement insights.

Manage tests and team

As you grow, you add tests, releases, and team members. You need the flexibility to organize your tests, team, and shared artifacts to improve productivity.


Use suites, plans, labels, and folders to align your tests with features, releases, or regressions. Arrange reusable steps and groups for easier access and maintenance.


Assign owners to tests to reduce assignment conflict and improve accountability—filter test results to identify skills gaps and target learning opportunities.


Treat tests differently, according to their test status. Fix quarantined tests or evaluate new tests without stopping your build pipelines for false failures.

Control changes

Mixed teams have varied skill sets. To ensure your tests meet the same high standards as your application code, you’ll need processes and controls.


Create a read-only main branch for your tests, then require pull requests so your SMEs can review and approve changes.


A branch merge shouldn’t be all or nothing. Cherry-pick the changes to your tests and review differences between branches.

Continuously improve

Modern agile and DevOps teams perpetually seek process efficiencies. Your testing team needs the data to boost productivity.


Is it a test issue? A network problem? Are the same problems recurring? Effectively rank failures and address chronic gremlins.


More than pass/fail, gain insights into your tests and team. Assess release readiness, track team productivity, and identify growth opportunities.

Fast and Flexible authoring for teams

Testim’s automation platform helps developers, automation engineers, scrum masters, and product owners create low maintenance end-to-end tests fast. Learn more.


Record user flows, configure assertions, or customize with JavaScript. No other solution gives you comparable speed with the flexibility to test complex scenarios.


Your application’s use cases might extend outside your app. From email to multi-tabs to PDF downloads, Testim tests your complete scenario.


Whether auto-completing a test sequence or refactoring to minimize duplication, Testim helps you design clean tests that reduce technical debt.

“Testim is an amazing Automation tool, easy to use and saves a ton of time and can record, then go back and edit it to your preference and reuse the tests to save more time.”

Anibal C.

Quality Assurance Analyst

“Testim enabled us to scale our dev team by freeing up developers to focus on development and quality instead of maintaining/ troubleshooting tedious E2E UI automations.”

Aviad B.

Engineering Team Lead

AI-powered stability

Testim’s AI understands your application and locks-in elements to create the most resilient tests in the industry. Testim even handles shadow DOM and random class names automatically. Stop chasing false failures and start trusting your tests.

“Being able to quickly determine why a test failed, even when someone else wrote it, saves a lot of time.”


Software Engineering Manager

Expedite troubleshooting

When tests fail, where do you spend time? Testim helps you triage by aggregating test failures by reason and identifying the top failing tests. Failed step indicators, comparison screenshots at every step, and parsed logs mean anyone on the team can find the root cause.

"Our time from development to Production has decreased to minutes... with full regression test coverage & CI integration."

Noam R.

QA Manager

Fit to your environment

Cross-browser tests run locally on our grid or any compatible Selinum grid. Run smoke tests on-demand, sanity tests on CI, or trigger complete regression tests on PR merges. Testim integrates with the tools you use to minimize disruption and deliver faster feedback.

“Testim is an excellent tool for all levels of automation experience.”

Erin H.

Lead QA Analyst

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