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An Introduction to Setting Up a Clean Testing Environment

In this mini-series (Netflix, are you listening?), Tom Shlaim, Automation Engineer at ironSource will walk you through the process of…
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Dude, Where’s My Global Variable?

Testim’s support for global variables and parameters is most excellent. However, when I create custom actions that either takes parameters…
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  • Record and configure tests fast
  • Minimize test maintenance
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Choosing the Best JavaScript Editor From 6 Options

Do you know which profession can never go extinct in today's world? Web development! As the internet becomes mainstream, more…
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Rookout blog

Frontend testing, 123: A search for the best tool

If anyone’s ever told you that testing your frontend is an easy job, don’t believe them. You want your tests…
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Agile Testing

Agile Testing: How QA Works When Your Team Goes Agile

Your company is going Agile. Now everyone talks about frequent and iterative deployments. If you're a tester or QA person,…
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