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Quality, Automation and AI

Software Testing Basics

What Is Software Testing? All the Basics You Need to Know

To err is human. No matter how much of a perfectionist you are, we’re all bound to make mistakes. Every…

A Detailed Look at Selenium Pros and Cons

For many organizations that work in the web app development space, Selenium is the tool of choice for automated testing.…

Start building AI-based self-healing end-to-end tests

  • Record and configure tests fast
  • Minimize test maintenance
  • Troubleshoot failed tests with data

What Is Cross-Browser Testing? A Simple, Practical Guide

Back in 1991, the world wide web was introduced. Users around the world viewed the first web page in August…
Agile, QA

Pre-Deployment Best Practices: 3 for Your Checklist

It's been a long day. There's a hot new feature you've been working on. You're so excited to get it…
Best Practices

Puppeteer Testing Introduction: End-To-End Testing Made Easy

End-to-end testing involves testing the complete flow of an application from start to finish. It can be a manual test…

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