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Testim AI Certification: Build your testing skills

I’m pleased to announce that Testim launched the new Testim AI Certification course and program. Passing the course allows you…

How to Fix Selenium’s “Element Is Not Clickable at Point”

Finding elements on a web application is important for automated testing. You can't assess the behavior of an element if…

Are you ready to start building your most resilient end-to-end tests?

  • Record and configure tests fast
  • Minimize test maintenance
  • Integrate UI testing into your processes

Who Performs Software Testing in 2020?

The title question might seem a very straightforward one. "Who performs testing?" Testers, of course! It's in the name! That…
QA, Guest Blog

Got Puppeteer? Free Recorder From Testim

Last month we announced a new UI test recorder for Playwright GUI functional tests. I hinted that we weren’t done.…

Test Automation ROI: How to Quantify and Measure It

Moving from manual testing to automated testing is a big task. Like any major software project, there are a lot…
Agile, QA

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