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Quality, Automation and AI

Salesforce Test Automation: What Every Engineer Should Know

Salesforce is a leading software company and one of organizations' most popular cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) systems. The platform…

How to Click a Button in Selenium: A Step-by-Step Guide

Introduction Automation is the key to improvement in software engineering, the automobile industry, and the manufacturing industry. Different programming languages…

Start building AI-powered self-healing end-to-end tests

  • Record and configure tests fast
  • Minimize test maintenance
  • Troubleshoot failed tests with data

Agile Team Structure: How to Design One for Your Enterprise

Agile is one of the most popular and widely accepted modern approaches for software development among technology organizations. It offers…

Mocking Static Methods With Mockito: Explained With Examples

We all know that unit tests must not interact with external dependencies—databases, HTTP services, the filesystem, etc. You must resort…
Unit testing

Understanding Data Obfuscation: What Developers Need to Know

Data obfuscation is a term that every developer should comprehend and implement into every project. Obfuscation refers to the act…

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