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Quality, Automation and AI

Handling Unexpected Popup Messages While Running Tests—With Hooks!

Had enough false positives because of in-app messages and chat pop-ups? Do you happen to have a test failing every…
Customer Success

XPath vs CSS Selector: The Difference and How to Choose

The battle of XPath vs CSS Selector is one that people approach differently—mostly because of preferences rather than the various…
Agile, QA

Are you ready to start building your most resilient end-to-end tests?

  • Record and configure tests fast
  • Minimize test maintenance
  • Integrate UI testing into your processes

Get Your Software Right: How to Write Great Frontend Tests

What are front-end tests? Why are they important? How do you make the most of them? We'll answer those and…

How to Wait for a Page to Load in Selenium

Selenium has proven to be a good framework for automated testing. Automated testing speeds up the whole testing process. Though…

How to Take a Screenshot in Selenium: A Walkthrough With Code

Web application testing is important for any business to maintain the quality of the website—it helps validate the various functionalities.…

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