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Test Automation Tool

What is a Test Automation Tool? Definition and How to Choose One for You

Are you familiar with the term “test automation tool?” If you’re not, you’ve definitely come to the right place. In…
AI, Agile

Unit Test vs. Integration Test: Tell Them Apart and Use Both

Many people, upon hearing "automated testing," automatically think of unit tests. That's understandable; after all, unit testing is one of…
Agile, QA

QA Metrics: An Introduction and 7 Examples to Help You

The technology industry is becoming more and more competitive with each passing year. Organizations around the world struggle to remain…
Agile, QA

Unit Testing Best Practices: 9 to Ensure You Do It Right

There are many types of automated testing out there: front-end testing, smoke testing, load testing, end-to-end (E2E) testing, and that's…
Agile, QA

30 Lessons on Test Automation, Quality, and Leadership

We love to celebrate our amazing leaders in the Testim Community. We asked our leaders for advice they would give…

Angular Testing Tutorial: What You Need and How to Start

If you're a front-end developer, you've probably heard a lot about the importance of testing your code. Your work is…
Agile, QA

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