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Quality, Automation and AI

How to Fix Selenium’s “Element Is Not Clickable at Point”

Finding elements on a web application is important for automated testing. You can't assess the behavior of an element if…

Test Automation ROI: How to Quantify and Measure It

Moving from manual testing to automated testing is a big task. Like any major software project, there are a lot…
Agile, QA

ESLint vs. JSHint: A Comparison and How to Choose

One of the necessary steps in the growth of any software team is landing on a coding style. Every developer…
Agile, QA

AI Testing Tools: 3 That You Should Get to Know

Automated testing tools have been around for ages. Solutions like Selenium, Silk Test, and QTP have been helping developers and…
Agile, QA

Regression Test Plan: A Checklist for Quality Assurance

Once, I was planning to make mashed potatoes for dinner. I got some fresh potatoes, garlic, cream, butter, salt, and…
Agile, QA

Test Traceability: What This Means and Why It Matters

Why test software? This question is so fundamental to software development that all of us would answer, "It's simple. Testing…
Agile, QA

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