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Choosing the Best JavaScript Editor From 6 Options

Do you know which profession can never go extinct in today's world? Web development! As the internet becomes mainstream, more…
Agile, QA

TDD vs BDD: A Developer’s Pocket Reference With Examples

Today we bring yet another testing-related concept for you. Well, we're bringing two: TDD (Test Driven Development) and BDD(Behavior Driven…

Webinar Summary: Testim Talks- How to have stable locators in your test

Web applications are constantly changing to help businesses differentiate or remain competitive. Each change to the frontend has the potential…

API Testing: A Developer’s Tutorial and Complete Guide

I feel for you, front-end developers. Your toolchain is constantly changing. Is Angular still all the rage? Or is it…
Agile, QA

Javascript Code Smells: 7 to Watch out For

Code smells are signs that something is wrong with your code and demands your attention. By investigating the smell, you…

A Helpful Guide to Testing Promises Using Mocha

Async code in JavaScript can be difficult at the best of times. When you add unit testing into that mix,…
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