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Testim Automate

Stable AI-based cross-browser tests to help you release faster

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Your tests created your way

Capture a stable test in minutes

Each UI action generates a unique test step that contains detailed information about the element and its parameters. Our AI uses Smart Locators to evaluate hundreds of attributes and score them so that if elements change, your tests don’t break. We give you visibility and control to adapt Smart Locators to fit your app. Robust root cause tools pinpoint failed steps with the info needed to speed problem identification.

Code tests in your own IDE

As a developer, you spend your day in your IDE, writing and debugging code. It’s where you do your best work. Write your tests and maintain them alongside your application code. We use a modern JavaScript API and syntax that you are familiar with, so you can get productive quickly. Our advanced debugger, including breakpoints, facilitates fast troubleshooting.

Customize your tests in
the Visual Editor

Each step in your recorded test can be tailored in the editor to meet your project-specific needs. Need to validate the output? Test multiple data inputs? Reuse a step in another test? We’ve got you covered.


Groups allow you to cluster steps for reuse in other tests. Groups maintain their properties from test to test and can be nested for better test architecture. Learn more


Validate that the application output matches expectations including values or text. Ensure that PDFs or emails generated match the desired output. Learn more


Use conditions such as the presence or absence of an element to determine whether a test step will run. Create custom conditions in JavaScript for nearly any scenario. Learn more


Repeat a step or group of steps using advanced functions including contextual for each, while, do, loops and for loops. Learn more

API steps

Make API calls from within the context of a test to request data, trigger an action, or validate an expected output. Learn more

Custom code

From the editor, you can insert custom JavaScript into a test step. Create custom validations, actions or whatever you can imagine. Learn more

Customize coded tests
in your IDE

We get it—you are a developer and already know how to create groups or add conditions in code. Here are some features to help you write coded tests.

Export recorded tests to code

Accelerate coding by quickly recording the test and then exporting as code. Then customize in your IDE to fit your web application. Learn more

Testim JavaScript library

We’ve provided a full library of powerful API commands like, “click”, “draganddrop”, “scroll” that help developers create robust, yet customized tests. Learn more

Coded validations

Like in the visual editor, we give you the ability to validate email, pdf or data output content through the API commands, saving you time creating customized validations.

General coding

Because these tests are written in code, you can use your IDE to easily copy, group, refactor, search, and whatever else you want to do to make coding easier.

Run your tests

Run your cross-browser tests where you want them, on our grid or any Selenium-compatible grid.

Network mocks

Accelerate test execution while minimizing test setup and reducing environmental variables. Autogenerate network HAR files and use to simulate network responses. Learn more


Integrate test data to expand scenarios that exercise your application. Link a CSV, Excel, or JSON file to reference your data. Learn more

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When you want

Trigger a test run on demand, or stay in your workflow and generate test executions on CI build completions. Schedule recurring test runs to support phased production rollouts. Learn more

Where you want

Run multiple tests in parallel on the Testim grid across browsers and configurations to accelerate testing. If you have a preferred third-party testing grid, we support that as well. Learn more

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Measure team and test suite performance and report progress over time. Discover where test failures occur to help target test refactoring, environment fixes, or processes improvements. Learn more


Common failures are aggregated to direct focus on recurring problems. Tools like screenshot comparisons, HTML DOM, network and console logs are available at the test step where you need them. Learn more

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Choose your flow.

Testim seamlessly integrates into your environment so you can do your best work and stay in your flow.

CI Tools

  • Jenkins
  • Circleci
  • TeamCity
  • Travis CI
  • Codeship


  • Visual studio
  • Jetbrains

Visual validation & TMS

  • Applitools
  • TestRail

Grid providers

  • browserstack
  • SauceLabs


  • GitHub
  • Bitbucket

Collaboration tools

  • Trello
  • Jira
  • GitHub issues
  • Slack
  • Email

Companies that collaborate with testim

We were able to increase our coverage by 4-5x within 6 weeks of using Testim, running nightly full regression tests across four cloud/grid Testim VMs in parallel.

It used to take us 3 days to write a single test with Selenium. With Testim we do that in under an hour.

The friction of adding new tests with Testim is much lower than with Selenium, any staff member can add tests.

After the six hour workshop the teams had created 120 E2E tests, 80 of which are still running today.

Testim integrates well with tools we already use including Saucelabs, Jira and Github. The Testim CLI allows us to refine how we run tests to suit our needs.

The wow moment was when Testim took our most complex flow and automated it in a few days.

The entire team including both programmers and non-programmers could now be involved in the quality efforts.

Reduced time to write stable tests from 1-2 days to 20-30 minutes, a savings of over 95%

We can deploy our code confidently, because we know if it passes our Testim tests it will work for our users.

Each GitHub pull request kicks off a build in TravisCI and tests the “happy path” in Testim.

Start testing with testim