Fast and flexible authoring of AI-powered end-to-end tests—built for scale.

Your dynamic application needs test automation that keeps pace. Testim’s fast authoring with code flexibility boosts coverage, AI-powered stability slashes maintenance, and TestOps helps scale your team and testing efficiently.

Speed and Stability

Fast authoring of AI-powered, painless tests

Create a stable test in minutes

While recording user flows, Testim auto-complete recognizes repeated sequences and suggests reusable elements, leading to well-architected tests. Each recorded UI action generates a unique test step containing detailed information about the element and its parameters.

Customize in the Visual Editor

Configure web or mobile tests in the editor without code to meet your project-specific needs. Add validations, loops, and conditions, parameterize your data, and optimize reuse.

More ways to write tests


Add step sequences to groups and reuse them across multiple tests. Nest groups for improved test architecture.


Repeat a step or group of steps using advanced functions including contextual for each, while, do, loops and for loops

API steps

Make API calls from within the context of a test to request data, trigger an action, or validate an expected output.


Customize with code

Your app is dynamic and innovative, and your tests require the flexibility of code and the power of AI. We got you covered.

  • Insert custom code

    Testim gives you the flexibility to run custom code inside or outside the browser to adapt your test to suit nearly any situation.

  • Generate using AI

    With Testim Copilot, you have the ability to quickly generate code using a text description, gain understanding of existing JavaScript, and fix any issues to simplify debug.

  • Reuse code across tests

    Like a coding method, you can save any custom code step or group and reuse them in other tests. It makes code accessible and lowers maintenance.

  • Real JS editor

    Our built-in JavaScript editor uses Monaco open-source, the same editor used in VSCode, so you get fast, robust syntax checking and code completion.


AI-powered stability

Our AI-powered Smart Locators evaluate hundreds of attributes and lock them in. The result is your most stable, low-maintenance test.

AI learning

Smart Locators compare confidence scores from current to prior runs. When elements change, the locators improve and match your app.

Control locators

Smart Locator properties are visible and adjustable. Increase the confidence requirement or alter the weighting of a specific attribute.

Optimize reuse

Automatically scan all tests, identify repeated sequences, deduplicate, and replace them with reusable groups to reduce maintenance.


Root Cause Analysis

Anyone can diagnose any test quickly with the right tools and information.

Deep-dive into logs

Automatically capture highlighted comparison screenshots, console, and network logs for each step to minimize troubleshooting time.

Aggregated failures

Recurring failures are collated by type to help you address frequent problems first, reducing the time and effort spent debugging.


Scale efficiently
with TestOps

Agile projects comprise members with different quality roles. Grow your project, tests, and contributors as you move to continuous testing.

Identify, fix, and improve

Beyond a simple pass or fail, the TestOps Dashboard reveals deeper visibility into your project’s quality, team’s activities, change requests, and open issues.

Standardize change processes

Ensure your agile team follows Git-like best practices for test changes, using branching (with diffs), read-only master, and pull requests with required reviewers.

Build trust in tests

Organize tests and reusable steps for easy access. Assign test owners to manage workload. Build trust by using test status to establish test reliability and CI readiness.

Data-driven improvements

Measure team and test suite performance and track progress over time. Identify troublesome tests or trend recurring failure types to target process improvements.

Run your tests

Run your cross-browser tests where you want them, on our grid or any Selenium compatible grid. Run in Turbo mode to get fast feedback on a code commit and fix bugs earlier.

Network mocking

Test your app or function without dependent services. Auto-generate network HAR files and use them to simulate network responses.

Test run versatility

Trigger tests on demand, a schedule, or as part of your CI actions.

Choose your flow.

Testim seamlessly integrates into your environment so you can do your best work and stay in your flow.

CI Tools

  • Jenkins
  • Circleci
  • TeamCity
  • Travis CI
  • GitLab


  • Visual Studio
  • Jetbrains

Visual validation & TMS

  • Applitools
  • TestRail

Grid providers

  • Browserstack
  • SauceLabs


  • GitHub
  • Bitbucket

Collaboration tools

  • Trello
  • Jira
  • GitHub issues
  • Slack
  • Email

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