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Quality, Automation and AI

Numeric Validation with Testim

When validating textual data on a page, sometimes it is desirable to validate the text numerically instead of textually.  This…

Increase reuse? NEW feature: Auto Grouping!

We practice reuse every day, such as recycling cans and bottles or giving new life to old objects by repurposing…

Handling Unexpected Popup Messages While Running Tests—With Hooks!

Had enough false positives because of in-app messages and chat pop-ups? Do you happen to have a test failing every…
Customer Success

Got Puppeteer? Free Recorder From Testim

Last month we announced a new UI test recorder for Playwright GUI functional tests. I hinted that we weren’t done.…

When Everyone’s Remote: 7 Remote QA Tips and Tricks

There are always uncertainties in business, yet some times are more uncertain than others. The COVID-19 pandemic created new unknowns.…

Improving Testing Collaboration—Whether Co-located or Remote 

Improving team collaboration is a crucial goal of nearly every software development team. Methodologies like DevOps, tools like Jira, and…

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