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Got Puppeteer? Free Recorder From Testim

Last month we announced a new UI test recorder for Playwright GUI functional tests. I hinted that we weren’t done.…

When Everyone’s Remote: 7 Remote QA Tips and Tricks

There are always uncertainties in business, yet some times are more uncertain than others. The COVID-19 pandemic created new unknowns.…

Improving Testing Collaboration—Whether Co-located or Remote 

Improving team collaboration is a crucial goal of nearly every software development team. Methodologies like DevOps, tools like Jira, and…

How Testim.io Handles Shadow DOM

How Testim.io handles Shadow DOM Shadow DOM & Custom Elements - Background If you are familiar with shadow DOM and…
Testim Devs

Webinar Summary: Anatomy of a Click

What actually happens when you click your mouse in your browser window? In this talk, we took a deep dive…

Webinar Summary: Testim Talks- How to have stable locators in your test

Web applications are constantly changing to help businesses differentiate or remain competitive. Each change to the frontend has the potential…

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