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Quality, Automation and AI

Introducing the TestOps Dashboard

You show up to work in the morning, ready to catch bugs and take names. How should you start your…

Handling Dynamic Classes in Test Automation: Why You Don’t Need to Care

At Testim, we are always trying to improve our Smart Locators to keep track of your elements better to achieve…

Web Accessibility Testing is Now GA!

Testim is releasing Accessibility Page and Accessibility Step validations as generally available for Professional plan customers.  What is web accessibility?…

Testim’s Auto-Complete Feature

My family recently purchased a camping trailer to better enjoy the outdoors. We were newbies looking for answers. One specific…

Announcing TestOps: Scale testing with control, management, and insights.

It’s one thing for a few individuals to automate a few test cases and run them at scheduled intervals. It’s…

No Code / Codeless / Low Code testing: What’s the difference?

In testing, we often refer to tools and frameworks as either coded or codeless. What does that mean? And, is…

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