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Testim for a GitHub-based CI/CD with a Selenium grid managed cluster — pt. 1

This blog was written by one of the Testim startup plan customers, Riccardo Vincenzo Vincelli, CTO of Sharesquare.co Sharesquare is…
Guest Blog

Low code, AI-powered Functional and Visual Testing

Challenges with Open Source automation frameworks If you have been in software test automation for more than a minute, you’ve…

Announcing Enhanced Integration with Applitools

You’ve probably run into a website or application that functioned well, but the words were misaligned, pictures were too small,…

2021: Testim’s Year in Review

Was 2021 a good year, or did 2020 set the bar super low? There’s certainly a lot to be grateful…

Introducing Turbo Mode: Faster feedback and better productivity

Software developers need faster feedback to fix bugs when they are less expensive to correct. One strategy for providing earlier…

Introducing the TestOps Dashboard

You show up to work in the morning, ready to catch bugs and take names. How should you start your…

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