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Testim Development Kit

Codeless or Coded End-to-End Tests—We’ve Got You Covered with the New Testim Development Kit

For nearly five years, Testim has focused on delivering the best, most reliable, end-to-end test automation service in the industry.…
Managing Your Test Environment

What Is a Test Environment? A Guide to Managing Your Testing

Have you ever wondered how software development companies set up their test environments? Moreover, how they manage all these different…

Testim August Product Summary: Extract Value Step Enhancements, Validate Checkbox/Radio Button, Failed Test Retries Option in Scheduler

Introduction We work hard to improve the functionality and usability of our autonomous testing platform to support your software quality…
Agile, AI

Webinar Summary – Top Features to Help in Stable Test Automation

Over the past few years, our team has been working hard to improve the functionality and usability of our autonomous…
Agile, AI

Get Started With UI Testing: Definition, How-To, and Examples

“Automated testing” used to be a phrase that caused developers to scratch their heads. Now, it seems to me that…
Agile, AI

Working with CLI action steps

Quite often there is a need to validate the content of a downloaded document which could be a PDF, Word…
Agile, AI

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