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Meet our new AI Help Assistant

Welcome to a new era of user assistance! Our latest enhancement, the AI Help Assistant, is transformative for your Testim…
Reflection and Resolutions-5 lessons

Reflections and Resolutions: Top 5 Lessons Learned in Testing This Year

Here are 5️⃣ lessons I learned or relearned this year in testing: Test design techniques are a great way to…
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Testim LocatorXpert Webinar

Become a LocatorXpert

When your users expect rapid, high-quality releases, quick and reliable quality assurance (QA) is crucial. To meet this growing need,…

Testim for a GitHub-based CI/CD with a Selenium grid managed cluster — pt. 1

This blog was written by one of the Testim startup plan customers, Riccardo Vincenzo Vincelli, CTO of Sharesquare.co Sharesquare is…
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Low code, AI-powered Functional and Visual Testing

Challenges with Open Source automation frameworks If you have been in software test automation for more than a minute, you’ve…

Announcing Enhanced Integration with Applitools

You’ve probably run into a website or application that functioned well, but the words were misaligned, pictures were too small,…