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Quality, Automation and AI

An Introduction to Setting Up a Clean Testing Environment

In this mini-series (Netflix, are you listening?), Tom Shlaim, Automation Engineer at ironSource will walk you through the process of…
Guest Blog

Dude, Where’s My Global Variable?

Testim’s support for global variables and parameters is most excellent. However, when I create custom actions that either takes parameters…
Tips and tricks

Using Testim TDK (Test Development Kit)

Testim provides the capability to export tests from the main codeless editor to the filesystem where they can be hosted…
Tips and tricks

Root Cause Open Source: Troubleshoot Puppeteer and Playwright Tests

tl;dr Testim is launching Root Cause, a new open source software project to capture screenshots, console logs, and network logs…

Best Practices for Large Test Automation Projects 

Collaboration is key to a successful project!  Working on a group project always raises challenges, but with automation projects, where…
Customer Success

Numeric Validation with Testim

When validating textual data on a page, sometimes it is desirable to validate the text numerically instead of textually.  This…

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