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Quality, Automation and AI

How to Fix Selenium’s “Element Is Not Clickable at Point”

Finding elements on a web application is important for automated testing. You can't assess the behavior of an element if…

Who Performs Software Testing in 2020?

The title question might seem a very straightforward one. "Who performs testing?" Testers, of course! It's in the name! That…
QA, Guest Blog

Test Automation ROI: How to Quantify and Measure It

Moving from manual testing to automated testing is a big task. Like any major software project, there are a lot…
Agile, QA

ESLint vs. JSHint: A Comparison and How to Choose

One of the necessary steps in the growth of any software team is landing on a coding style. Every developer…
Agile, QA

White Box Testing: A Detailed Introduction

We're here to demystify yet another testing-related term: white box testing. No, this isn't yet another new type of test…
QA, Selenium

What Is Black Box Testing? A Complete Introductory Guide

When testing software (or any type of system), we can use various approaches. Black box testing is a group of…
QA, Selenium

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