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Test Traceability: What This Means and Why It Matters

Why test software? This question is so fundamental to software development that all of us would answer, "It's simple. Testing…
Agile, QA

What Is Record and Playback in Testing? A Detailed Intro

Customer demands are constantly changing in this fast-moving world. But no matter how far digital transformation goes, security vulnerabilities will…
QA, Guest Blog

E2E Testing: A Tutorial and Architectural Guide

End-to-end (E2E) testing helps with validating the most important flows in your application, such as user login requests. For front-end…

Test Analytics: What You Should Be Measuring in Your QA

A product's performance is the most important goal of a software company. But what if your software fails in production?…
QA, Selenium

Improving Testing Collaboration—Whether Co-located or Remote 

Improving team collaboration is a crucial goal of nearly every software development team. Methodologies like DevOps, tools like Jira, and…

Unit Testing Best Practices: 6 to Ensure You Do It Right

There are many types of automated testing out there: front-end testing, smoke testing, load testing, end-to-end (E2E) testing, and that's…
Agile, QA

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