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Quality, Automation and AI

Choosing the Best JavaScript Editor From 6 Options

Do you know which profession can never go extinct in today's world? Web development! As the internet becomes mainstream, more…
Agile, QA
Agile Testing

Agile Testing: How QA Works When Your Team Goes Agile

Your company is going Agile. Now everyone talks about frequent and iterative deployments. If you're a tester or QA person,…
Agile, QA

Using Testim TDK (Test Development Kit)

Testim provides the capability to export tests from the main codeless editor to the filesystem where they can be hosted…
Tips and tricks

What Is a Linter? Here’s a Definition and Quick-Start Guide

What is a linter? In short, a linter is a tool to help you improve your code. The concept of…
Agile, QA

What Is Shift Left Testing? A Guide to Improving Your QA

Have you ever experienced a software project that ran out of budget or time? You probably did. Believe it or…

GUI Testing in Depth: Everything You Need to Understand

In the realm of software testing, GUI testing is an interesting and somewhat controversial topic. There is confusion when it…

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