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2024 DevOps Trends

2024 DevOps Trends For QA

I’ve been reading many of the articles about trends and predictions within IT for the new year. I have been…
Reflection and Resolutions-5 lessons

Reflections and Resolutions: Top 5 Lessons Learned in Testing This Year

Here are 5️⃣ lessons I learned or relearned this year in testing: Test design techniques are a great way to…
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Revolutionizing Software Testing: The Power of AI in Action

What’s all the buzz about testing software with artificial intelligence (AI)? Let's start with a basic definition--AI is the simulation…
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How to work with Developer Tools as a tester

Developer Tools for Testers

As a tester, chances are you work with a web app (mobile apps have gained a lot of ground lately,…
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EnterpriseOps for Built In Quality

EnterpriseOps for Built-In Quality

Ask two people the definition of DevOps these days and if you get fewer than five answers, you are doing…

A Developer’s Take on QA

Testim by Tricentis, originally named Testim, was created in 2014 to help anyone author automated tests. At the time, Selenium…