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Become a Testim Certified Professional. Testim’s AI certification is an interactive learning program that includes video-based instruction, hands-on exercises, and quizzes to test your proficiency. Get the most out of Testim and prove your technical skills!


We relish your testing success! Professional plan customers get personalized onboarding, checkups, and live support. Your dedicated customer success manager will ensure your team ramps up fast. Start with live sessions covering Testim setup, test structure, best practices, and more. Keep momentum with advanced lessons, troubleshooting sessions, and test reviews.


Every month, Testim tries to give knowledge back to the testing community. Our experienced Testlers deliver test automation webinars that cover various topics like AI, test architecture, or continuous testing. We also deliver product-focused webinars that provide an overview or tips for handling a specific use case. Sign up for an upcoming webinar, or check out a replay.

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Maybe you are a do-it-yourself type of person. Maybe you’ve already had the training and just want a refresher. Or perhaps you just want some tools and tips.

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