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Test Automation Pyramid

Test Automation Pyramid: A Simple Strategy for Your Tests

Does your development team spend too much time waiting on their test suite to run? Do they constantly rerun the…
Agile, AI

Why Artificial Intelligence Is the Future of Testing

We’ve already undergone quite a journey to evolve from “classical testing” and test automation to continuous testing. Nevertheless, when we…
AI, Guest Blog

Automated Testing Tools: The 6 You Should Know About in 2019

Let’s talk about automated testing tools. Are they valuable? While some people seem to think of them as a mere…
Agile, AI

Scrum Testing: A Detailed Guide to Testing on an Agile Team

In today's advancing and fast-paced world, high-speed implementation is a must. This applies to all products and services. Let’s suppose…
Agile, AI

What is a Test Automation Tool? Definition and How to Choose

Are you familiar with the term “test automation tool?” If you’re not, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Before…
Agile, AI

Testim August Product Summary: Extract Value Step Enhancements, Validate Checkbox/Radio Button, Failed Test Retries Option in Scheduler

Introduction We work hard to improve the functionality and usability of our autonomous testing platform to support your software quality…
Agile, AI

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