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Quality, Automation and AI

The Importance of Having a Test Automation Platform

One of the things that human beings have consistently done, right from the time of our existence, is making things…
Agile, QA

WEBINAR SUMMARY: Is AI Taking Over Front End Testing

Web applications are constantly changing to help businesses differentiate or remain competitive. Each change to the frontend has the potential…

Smoke Testing via Browser Automation With Nightmare.js

Automated testing. "Yeah, yeah, yeah," you say. "I know it reduces bugs and increases code reliability and allows us to…

Jasmine Testing: How to Get Started Quickly and Easily

Testing has become a vital part of software development to guarantee the quality of the delivered code. Without tests, you'd…
Selenium, AI
Test Automation Pyramid

Test Automation Pyramid: A Simple Strategy for Your Tests

Does your development team spend too much time waiting on their test suite to run? Do they constantly rerun the…
Uncategorized, Agile
Artificial Intelligence Testing

Why Artificial Intelligence Is the Future of Testing

We’ve already undergone quite a journey to evolve from “classical testing” and test automation to continuous testing. Nevertheless, when we…

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