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Meet our new AI Help Assistant

Welcome to a new era of user assistance! Our latest enhancement, the AI Help Assistant, is transformative for your Testim…

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By Matan Albag,

Welcome to a new era of user assistance! Our latest enhancement, the AI Help Assistant, is transformative for your Testim experience. You’ll find it in the bottom-right corner under the “Help” chat widget and it’s your gateway to a vast pool of knowledge.

How it enhances product functionality

Help Assistant is your ticket to our entire documentation library, full lineup of knowledge base articles, YouTube videos, an arsenal of 100 example tests, and insights gleaned from 1,500 real customer support tickets. It’s more than a chatbot–it’s a guide who delivers content tailored to your technical questions.

Improved Testim experience

Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a smoother user experience with Help Assistant. Instead of guessing at search queries and trawling through countless pages, get concise, relevant info delivered in seconds.

Potential downstream benefits for your users

Help Assistant cuts the time you spend on troubleshooting, allowing you to focus more on test authoring. It’s like an engaged team member who helps you improve your workflow efficiency by suggesting solutions to complex issues, guiding you through test failures, and providing insights into product capabilities.

Ready to dive in?

To get started, locate the Help Assistant in the bottom right corner under “Help.” Click to open a text prompt and start engaging. Prefer a human touch? Clicking the “Support” icon with the headphones will connect you directly to our support team.

Help Assistant will also offer you some suggested questions, just to help you get started faster:

Pro tips

To get the most out of Help Assistant, be descriptive in your queries. Treat it like any generative AI–describe your problem, share relevant context (including error codes), and state the goal you want to achieve. Here’s an example of Help Assistant helping resolve a “Page not available” test failure:

And here’s an example of a detailed query:

The road ahead

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements. Expect more features, an expanded knowledge base, and regular improvements as Help Assistant evolves with your needs.

Sharing feedback

Your feedback is crucial to improving Help Assistant. Share your experiences, suggestions, and rate the quality of the responses you receive. This helps us understand what works and what needs improvement. Your voice shapes the future of Testim–and we’re listening.


Testim’s AI Help Assistant is a dedicated companion for your testing journey. From resolving complex issues to guiding you through use cases, it’s your go-to resource. Happy exploring, let us know how Help Assistant changes your day-to-day, and here’s to seeing how AI supercharges how you test!