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Getting started:

1. Enter your URL and start recording

2. Install Chrome extension (one time only)

3. Record a user journey, then return here

4. Review (& edit) test in the Testim Codeless tab

5. On Puppeteer tab play test or copy code

6. Edit and run on your Puppeteer framework

Need more? Watch the video

Using the Testim Codeless tab

Get a preview of what you can see and do in the full Testim application. Changes made in this editor will update the Puppeteer code automatically. Reorder, delete, or manually add new steps. Resume recording to add new steps to the test. It’s a playground so have fun.

icon View the test steps in a sequential flow
icon Add a step and configure a validation
icon Inspect test step settings including locators
icon Play the AI-stabilized test locally
icon View screenshots from test steps
icon See how code updates in the Puppeteer tab

Why Testim?

Testim is an AI-based test automation solution for creating extremely stable tests, fast. Testim improves upon the Puppeteer recording by using AI-based Smart Locators to identify each element and improve stability—even when code changes. Testim is a cross-browser, developer-friendly solution that integrates into your pipelines.

Fast authoring of resilient, customizable end-to-end tests
Debug with screenshots, console logs and network info at each step
Report on test suites and test run history to demonstrate release readiness
Aggregate test run failures by type to simplify recurring problem resolution

Need help?

The Testim codeless recorder will save you a lot of time, but we can’t guarantee that it will meet every Puppeteer use case. Your responsibility is to take the Puppeteer code produced here and edit in your IDE to ensure it works in your environment.

But it’s free, and it will likely get you a 70% jumpstart on writing coded Puppeteer tests. If you want to bump that up to >95%, you need to try Testim. We’ve spent years optimizing our recorder and algorithms to make your tests incredibly stable.

For Puppeteer related issues, please start here.

Having problems with the Testim codeless test? Use the interactive chat.

Why is Testim doing this?

We’re software engineers and testers too! Our mission is to make software quality easy. Use our recorder to create tests that you run and manage on your platform.

We also created a pretty awesome test automation solution that uses AI to create amazingly stable tests—in code, codeless or both. The playground shows only a fraction of its capabilities. Learn more at or get started with your free trial.

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