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Who Performs Software Testing in 2020?

The title question might seem a very straightforward one. "Who performs testing?" Testers, of course! It's in the name! That…
QA, Guest Blog

Record and Playback Testing in 2020: It’s Come a Long Way

Automated testing makes the whole testing process easy and fast. Record and playback testing make that process easier and quicker.…

Best JavaScript Testing Framework? 5 to Consider

The JavaScript world offers plenty of options for ... well, pretty much everything. Today we'll focus on testing tools, answering…
Guest Blog

QA Gap Analysis: How to Address Your Testing Shortcomings

Every business owner wants to see their firm grow, right? Constant progress is like a dream come true for any…
Guest Blog

Software’s Total Cost of Ownership—What to Factor In

When companies buy proprietary software, subscribe to SaaS services, or commission an agency or internal team of developers to create…
QA, Guest Blog

Test Coverage Techniques: Make Sure You Test What You Need To

Continuing our trend of covering testing-related topics, today, we talk about test coverage techniques. What are these techniques, and why…
Agile, QA

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