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How to Wait for a Page to Load in Selenium

Selenium has proven to be a good framework for automated testing. Automated testing speeds up the whole testing process. Though…

How to Take a Screenshot in Selenium: A Walkthrough With Code

Web application testing is important for any business to maintain the quality of the website—it helps validate the various functionalities.…

Selenium and Playwright Visibility Checks: Why do they fail and how to fix?

Checking element visibility might seem simple, “It’s just on the page!”. However, there are several issues with visibility checks. Why…
Uncategorized, QA

Puppeteer, Selenium, Playwright, Cypress – how to choose?

At Testim, a lot of what we do is build  AI-based features on top of automation frameworks to add stability,…

White Box Testing: A Detailed Introduction

We're here to demystify yet another testing-related term: white box testing. No, this isn't yet another new type of test…
QA, Selenium

What Is Black Box Testing? A Complete Introductory Guide

When testing software (or any type of system), we can use various approaches. Black box testing is a group of…
QA, Selenium

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