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Webinar Recap-Justifying (and realizing) Solid ROI on Test Automation

As many of you probably experience in real life, financial justification is often needed before purchasing new software or services.…

Improving Testing Collaboration—Whether Co-located or Remote 

Improving team collaboration is a crucial goal of nearly every software development team. Methodologies like DevOps, tools like Jira, and…

12 Tips for Working From Home

Working from home (WFH) can be a big shift for many companies and employees. Instead of a dedicated desk and…

Introducing the Testim Playground

As software development organizations shift-left, more of the testing responsibility is moving to developers. Developers are increasingly asked to create…
Test Automation Pyramid

Test Automation Pyramid: A Simple Strategy for Your Tests

Does your development team spend too much time waiting on their test suite to run? Do they constantly rerun the…
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Jake Kaldenbaugh

DevOps Discussions: State Of Software Development

Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jake Kaldenbaugh, Strategic Exit (M&A) Advisor at GrowthPoint Technology Partners to…

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