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Quality, Automation and AI

Handling Unexpected Popup Messages While Running Tests—With Hooks!

Had enough false positives because of in-app messages and chat pop-ups? Do you happen to have a test failing every…
Customer Success

Selenium and Playwright Visibility Checks: Why do they fail and how to fix?

Checking element visibility might seem simple, “It’s just on the page!”. However, there are several issues with visibility checks. Why…
Uncategorized, QA

Puppeteer, Selenium, Playwright, Cypress – how to choose?

At Testim, a lot of what we do is build  AI-based features on top of automation frameworks to add stability,…

Testim AI Certification: Build your testing skills

I’m pleased to announce that Testim launched the new Testim AI Certification course and program. Passing the course allows you…

Got Puppeteer? Free Recorder From Testim

Last month we announced a new UI test recorder for Playwright GUI functional tests. I hinted that we weren’t done.…

QAOps: What It Is and Why It Matters

Quality has become a major focus when it comes to software development because it's what will impress your customers. And…

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