Open source tool to help troubleshoot Puppeteer and Playwright tests

> npm install @testim/root-cause

Add Root Cause in five minutes to capture screenshots at every step—without changing tests.

Visualize to troubleshoot

Flip through screenshots of each test step, highlighting the element action to quickly see the test flow and troubleshoot failures.

Store locally or in the cloud

Save screenshots to a local drive for free. Store screenshots in the cloud (free and paid options) to simplify management and team accessibility.

Drill-down with data you need

Dive deeper into console logs, HAR files, or test configuration data, parsed and available at the failed test step, where you need it.

Test run reporting

Test and suite results are filterable and searchable. See results including pass rates and history to better determine release readiness.

Testim Root Cause deployment options

Root Cause

  • Open source
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited runs
  • Unlimited parallelization
  • Store screenshots locally
  • Docs and community
> npm install @testim/root-cause

Root Cause Cloud (see pricing)

Everything in Root Cause OSS+
  • Store and access online
  • Test list and test run history
  • Share and debug CI runs
  • Automatic error aggregation
  • Tagged failure trends and insights
  • Email support

Getting started:

1. NPM install Testim Root cause
> npm install @testim/root-cause

2. Integrate with Jest or Mocha.

3. Don't use a test runner, use standalone, Learn how

Why Testim?

Testim has been building AI-based test automation solutions that help organizations like Microsoft, JFrog, and SalesForce quickly author stable E2E tests. We use, integrate with, and learn from test automation frameworks like Selenium, Puppeteer, Playwright, and Cypress. Our mission is to make software quality easy, whether on our platform or yours.