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2020 is (finally) over! Let’s go back and check the accuracy of our predictions. Who had, “major pandemic disrupting the entire year”? Record hurricanes and forest fires in the US? Murder hornets in May?

By Shawn J,

WOW! Seriously? A worldwide pandemic. An economic collapse and partial rebound. Record forest fires and hurricanes. A crazy US Election. Racial inequality protests. And yes, Murder Hornets! It was a challenging year indeed, and our hearts go out to everyone who experienced loss.

Yet, with challenge comes opportunity. Resource scarcity necessitates better prioritization. Remote teams require improved communication. Changing conditions call for agile responses.

At Testim, we also had to learn to adapt and address new challenges in novel ways. Our mantra is to make software quality easy. In this recap of 2020, we’ll highlight some of our accomplishments and how we made steps towards that goal.

Let’s start with some data from our 2020 E2E Test Automation Survey. The survey was comprised of approximately:

  • 80% non-Testim users
  • 78% were from dev teams of <100, 22% from dev teams of 100+
  • 46% were automation engineers, 29% were other QA, 18% developers, and 7% business and other

Current state

75% Automated less than half of their E2E tests

36% Top reason a test failed - element changed

44% Biggest challenge - maintaining flaky tests

Biggest trend impact on E2E testing

56% Now? CI/CD

79% In three years? AI-assisted testing

Testim Development Kit

In February, we launched the TDK, enabling users to edit their Testim tests as code in their IDE. For the first time, teams didn’t have to make a binary choice of coded or codeless tests—they could now choose both. The TDK lets users work the way they want. Coders and non-coders alike can now work together on UI functional tests. The tests run in Testim, and the results are accessible by any user. Read more.

57.1% Most important skill for testers - Test Design/Architecture

Education and Certification

When the pandemic started to get real, we wanted to give aspiring quality gurus a new way to learn about test automation and Testim. The hands-on course includes the basics of test automation and using Testim and more advanced topics. Over 500 people signed up for the certification program since we launched it in April, and close to 150 of them are now Testim AI Certified Professionals. Register.

Community Free Plan

As the pandemic caused shut-downs that impacted organizations, we asked our team how we could offset some pain. We had long offered a “Community Free” plan and wanted to make it compelling for more organizations. We increased the number of included monthly runs from 100 to 1000, a tenfold increase! We also included desirable features such as connecting to your CI server. Get Testim Free.

Testim Community

Quality-minded people have shared interests—to share best practices, to solve problems, and to build skills to advance their careers. What better way to link people together virtually than through a community? The Community was launched in mid-June and reached hundreds of members by year-end. Tristan, our community manager, tirelessly organizes AMAs, meetups and engages via Slack. Join the community.

Customer success webinars

Almost nothing satisfies us more than happy customers. In fact, we want delighted customers. Our dedicated customer success team strives to help users prosper with onboarding, best practices, and tips for pros. We are trying to make this easier for users by adding recurring web meetings covering popular topics. The webinars are available to anyone. Register.

Blogs, Webinars, ebooks

We covered the testing landscape from unit testing to end-to-end.

We published over 100 blogs and 20 webinars

plus ebooks and whitepapers aimed at solving business and technical problems. We offered advice for working from home, building a career, and even how to choose between open-source test automation frameworks. Sign up to get the latest blogs delivered to your inbox.

Game-changing features

Auto grouping
Identifies duplicate steps across tests and suggests groups to replace them. Groups simplify maintenance as changes to embedded steps fix all related tests.

Network virtualization
Virtualizing or “mocking” service responses, enables testing prior to service availability, helps avoid service fees, and isolates tests to the app frontend.

Merging branches
Ever want to use branching, but were concerned with an all-or-nothing merge? Merge branches confidently with conflict resolution down to the test step level.

Small yet cool features

Failure tagging
Tag your failures with reason codes as suggested by Testim or of your choice. Evaluate data-driven historical trends in error types to inform improvements.

New validations
Configure CSS property or HTML attribute validations from a step. These can help to verify that particular stylings are used such as approved colors.

Usability enhancements
Here are a few of our favorites: test results filtering, recording step counter, display last 10 runs results, and the shared step indicator.

Testim Labs

We wanted to give our customers earlier access to new features. To get early value and to provide fast feedback so we can make Testim better fit you! These are production quality features that could use your input to grow into pure awesomeness.

Root Cause Open Source

We wanted to give our customers earlier access to new features. To get early value and to provide fast feedback so we can make Testim better fit you! These are production quality features that could use your input to grow into pure awesomeness.

> npm install @testim/root-cause


We released a free test recorder to capture Puppeteer or Playwright tests and export the tests as code. If you are using these frameworks, the free recorders can help you jumpstart coding your tests. Try the recorder.

2020 E2E Test Automation Survey

We conducted an end-to-end test automation survey of automation engineers, testers, and developers. Only ~20% were Testim users. Some of the interesting results are mentioned throughout this page. For a recap of the survey with commentary by Testim’s Oren Rubin and Abstracta’s Federico Toledo, see the replay.


We are already charging through 2021, and while there’s still a pandemic going on, there are hope and optimism that the worst is behind us.

Here at Testim, we’ve been busy building features to help you control changes to tests, better organize your tests, and gain insights from your tests and teams. We have a lot more on our roadmap and value the input we’ve received through the community and Testim Labs.

Many of you are probably in the community already, and if not, we hope you’ll join us. We discuss testing best practices, events in test automation, and of course, Testim. We even have social events, a fun zone, and subgroups life goals.

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