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Stable, self healing, end-to-end test automation via machine learning

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Meet our QA tools

They're great on their own. They're even greater together.

  • Automate

    Build stable automated tests in minutes

    No more flaky tests - even when your code changes

  • Run

    Run thousands of tests in parallel with zero setup

    No more downtime, we handle the grid maintenance for you

  • Capture

    Get detailed bug reports, straight from your browser. Fast & easy

    Report a bug, share it, reproduce it and turn it into a test

Say goodbye to flaky tests

Build incredibly stable tests as you use your app

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Easily run thousands of automated tests
in parallel, with zero set up

Get ready to free up your time as we handle the grid maintenance for you

Cross browsers testing on demand

Leverage the power of the Cloud, and start running
thousand of tests concurrently, in minutes

Keep your tests secured

Connect the Cloud to your private network using an
advanced tunnel encryption technology

Run anywhere

Run on our Cloud, private Cloud, or on-premise.

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Capture bugs directly from your browser

Relax as we create automated tests for you. You no longer have to worry about non-reproducible bugs.

  1. QA

    Captures a bug and reports it as she uses the app

  2. Testim

    Generates a fully detailed* automated bug report and opens a ticket in your bug tracker

  3. Developer

    Gets a 360° on what went wrong, debugs and reproduces the bug with a click

Reporting bugs with Capture lets you:

  • *What you get:
  • Automated test
  • Bug Description
  • Screenshots
  • Video
  • Logs
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