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Testim’s Auto-Complete Feature

My family recently purchased a camping trailer to better enjoy the outdoors. We were newbies looking for answers. One specific…

By Shawn J,

My family recently purchased a camping trailer to better enjoy the outdoors. We were newbies looking for answers. One specific item we were told we needed was a weight-distribution hitch to help tow the trailer more safely. I don’t know anything about them so I needed to do some research. Like many of you, I started with a search on Google. 

What’s this? Sway control? I probably need that. 

But which one? (note my typo, “reviw” still got me results)

I wasn’t really thinking about 2020, but why not? I don’t want a review from several years ago. 

To cut this long story short, I found the right hitch for our setup. Installed it and took it out for a maiden voyage with great success. Our dog likes it too!

I love how Google’s auto-complete provides some suggestions that can help me finish my task more efficiently. That’s what we set out to accomplish with Testim’s new auto-complete feature. 

Clean tests

As you have probably noticed, we at Testim tend to think a little more like developers than your average test automation service. We prioritize the reuse of test steps or groups to keep tests clean, well-designed, and more maintainable. In coding it’s often called the DRY principle – Don’t Repeat Yourself. That’s why we spend a lot of time making shared steps and groups easy to create and access. We even help you identify repeated steps and turn them into shared groups with our Auto-grouping capabilities. 

Testim auto-complete

It’s a new feature that helps accelerate the authoring of well-designed, lower maintenance tests by leveraging existing groups during the recording process. Here’s how it works. In the process of recording a new test, Testim reviews the elements selected, identifies patterns, and suggests groups that can be invoked and inserted into the test.  

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For instance, suppose that you are recording a test and one of the first things you do is log in to the application. You’ve probably already created a shared group for this so Testim will suggest that you use it rather than record new log-in steps. 

Select the group that you want to use and it will play the steps and insert the group into your test. Boom! Time saved, let’s get coffee.

Now suppose that you have a multi-step form fill that you need to complete. Create a group of the form-fill steps. The next time you need to fill out the form while recording, it will be there when you are recording another test, just use the auto-complete to fill it out. Bam! Let’s get lunch!

Now let’s imagine that your development team decides to change the login flow. Maybe they want to add a 2FA step. No problem for you expert test creator! You’ve been using groups liberally to reduce maintenance and only need to update your group to update all your dependent tests. Dang! Did someone say, “ice cream?” 

How to get started?

Check out the auto-complete guide on testim docs. 

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