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Testim Mobile Preview

Throughout our history, Testim focused on building a test automation platform that accelerated the authoring of AI-powered resilient tests for…

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By Shawn J,

Throughout our history, Testim focused on building a test automation platform that accelerated the authoring of AI-powered resilient tests for web applications. Testim has continually advanced the platform by adding unique features like auto-improving locators, auto-grouping of duplicate test steps, and unmatched flexibility with JavaScript custom steps that run inside or outside the browser.

In February 2022, Tricentis acquired Testim to extend its leadership position in the continuous testing market. Testim is especially well-suited for Agile and DevOps teams, rapidly innovating their customer-facing applications. Soon these teams will be able to leverage Testim’s modern test automation platform for their native mobile apps.

Aided by the resources and expertise of Tricentis, Testim accelerated the development of native mobile application testing capabilities. Testim’s native mobile support is in beta, and we are excited to provide a quick peek.

What’s coming?

Native mobile testing for iOS and Android devices

Mobile development teams must test their applications on virtual and physical devices that reflect real-world usage. Testim will soon deliver low-code authoring of functional and UI tests for iOS and Android devices. The new mobile support includes authoring on physical devices or emulators and simulators. Expect the same superior ease-of-use, low-code configuration, stability, and code-based flexibility on the mobile side that sets Testim apart on the web application testing side.

Device lifecycle management and provisioning

Managing mobile applications and physical devices for testing can be laborious and error-prone. Testim is leveraging the Tricentis Mobile Agent, an innovative service that helps teams manage and connect local, remote, or cloud-based devices, including iOS on Windows, and upload and share mobile applications for testing.

Application storage on the Testim cloud

Store your applications for testing in the Testim cloud for ready access by your agile team, enabling remote teams to collaborate and contribute to quality.

Test execution flexibility

One of the biggest challenges in mobile application quality is testing your application across a multitude of device and operating system configurations. Emulators and simulators are necessary but insufficient—you must test physical devices. Testim mobile support will include the ability to execute tests against emulators and simulators, local physical devices, remote grid devices and cloud-based devices to give teams complete execution flexibility.

What’s next?

We are very excited about this release. We’re rapidly adding capabilities, validating with customers, and preparing for the forthcoming general availability of these fantastic additions to the Testim platform. If you’d like to see it in action, please contact us.