Testim AI Certification: Build your testing skills

I’m pleased to announce that Testim launched the new Testim AI Certification course and program. Passing the course allows you…

By Shawn J,

I’m pleased to announce that Testim launched the new Testim AI Certification course and program. Passing the course allows you to become a Testim Certified Professional. 

In this blog, I’ll explain why you should take this course, what’s in this course, and how to get started. 

Why get certified?

Becoming a skilled tester takes more than reading a blog about testing. You need to put that newly formed knowledge into action—going through the exercises, testing your experience, and then practicing. 

You’ll gain insights into how to structure tests for maximum reuse and to reduce maintenance. You’ll also learn when to create validations that prove the application under test (AUT) is doing what it’s supposed to do. While these lessons and exercises teach from the Testim perspective, the concepts discussed apply to other testing tools and frameworks as well.

I’ve only started to scratch the surface. The course also covers data-driven testing, integration with CI/CD, and understanding reporting. Lessons three and four cover some advanced topics like working with the AI-based locators, best practices, and how to troubleshoot a failure quickly and effectively.

Practice, practice, practice.

Of course, listening to a web-based video, and answering test questions will only get you so far down your learning journey. To be sure, Sudhrity and Barry do an excellent job of explaining the concepts and walking you through the exercises. But, do yourself a favor and perform the activities in parallel to reinforce the lessons.  

Back up your learning and certification with practice. Right now, you can get a free account that includes up to 1000 test runs per month! Use it on your current web application or play around on a site for testing like here or here

Who should take this course?

I like to think of it like this; if you only drive one car in your life, you may be very good at driving that car, but it doesn’t make you a well-rounded driver. However, if you experience driving multiple vehicles in a variety of situations, it will teach you to become a better overall driver—even if you primarily drive only one car.

That said, there a couple of roles that are likely to benefit directly from the course: 

  • Automation Engineers who want to refine their testing skills. Perhaps you already have a solid understanding of testing strategy, but most of your experience is on one automation framework like Selenium. This course will expand your existing knowledge of test automation, helping you to generate ideas to improve your current tests. 
  • Developers who are required to build UI functional/E2E tests. You probably don’t want to spend the bulk of your day testing—you would prefer to code the next innovative feature. This course can help you to become more efficient in creating test automation so that you spend less time maintaining tests and more time shipping. 
  • Current Testim users looking to refine their Testim-specific skills. Develop a broader understanding of test automation with deeper experience in Testim. Take your knowledge back into your organization and build better tests. As a reminder, customers on a Professional pricing plan also receive live, hands-on training, and troubleshooting with our customer success managers.  

If you are still not convinced, watch the course overview video and then enroll to get started. 

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