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Introducing Testim for Salesforce

AI-powered test automation for Salesforce applications and integrations.  Salesforce is used by over 150,000 customers. For many, it’s critical to…

By Shawn J,

AI-powered test automation for Salesforce applications and integrations. 

Salesforce is used by over 150,000 customers. For many, it’s critical to their business. They integrate it with their core processes and customize it to fit their needs. When it doesn’t work, your business and customers can suffer. That’s why many organizations consider it necessary to perform functional testing on their Salesforce customizations and integrations. 

The good news is that Testim already handles many Salesforce testing challenges that flummox other tools. Challenges like finding objects on dynamic pages behind a Shadow DOM. Or testing end-to-end flows that extend from Salesforce to custom applications. 

In fact, within Testim there are more than 250 active Salesforce testing projects. From these projects, customers run over one million Testim tests on Salesforce each month. 

It’s from this experience Testim is introducing a new product: Testim for Salesforce. It builds on Testim’s AI-powered test automation platform and delivers new capabilities to handle prevalent Salesforce testing challenges. 

Testim was built for dynamic applications like Salesforce. Testim’s smart locators understand the application’s components and how they relate to each other. It locks in default and custom objects and keeps tests stable. They also auto-improve when Salesforce makes updates that change underlying attributes or metadata. Bye-bye tri-annual upgrades.

Unlike other tools and frameworks, Testim natively:

  • Understands the object in relation to a tab or frame, simplifying authoring and improving stability. 
  • Maps and filters dynamic CSS names to focus on stable attributes, locking in objects and reducing maintenance.
  • Pierces the Shadow DOM and creates stable locators based on dozens of attributes so you don’t have to play trial and error.
  • Understands custom objects as well as default objects and keeps them stable so you spend less time selecting locators or maintaining tests.
  • Includes API testing to validate integrations. 

Testim is a fully-functional AI-powered test automation platform that includes too many features to mention here. Its low-code features are easy to use, while Testim enables nearly boundless flexibility by running JavaScript in the browser or server. Testim for Salesforce introduces running APEX code so QA and developers can work together on quality. 

Starting November 4, 2021, you can contact Testim to start a free trial of Testim for Salesforce.

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