Codeless or Coded End-to-End Tests—We’ve Got You Covered with the New Testim Development Kit

UPDATE 6-10-2020: The Testim Dev Kit (TDK) is now Generally Available! For nearly five years, Testim has focused on delivering…

Testim Development Kit
By Testim,

UPDATE 6-10-2020: The Testim Dev Kit (TDK) is now Generally Available!

For nearly five years, Testim has focused on delivering the best, most reliable, end-to-end test automation service in the industry. We’ve built a solution that leverages AI to enable QA teams to create amazingly stable tests incredibly fast. 

Until now, the Testim solution was primarily codeless, allowing users to author tests using an advanced recorder that scans the website DOM, analyzes hundreds of attributes, and creates Smart Locators that identifies each element in the test. Users can modify and enhance test steps in the visual editor by grouping steps, adding conditions, validating output such as email or PDFs, and through data-driven testing. We even support customization by inserting JavaScript into steps to create more advanced tests. 

Announcement: Testim Development Kit Beta 

We are excited to announce the beta program for the Testim Development Kit (Dev Kit), a new way of creating, debugging, and customizing end-to-end functional tests in code.  Now you can have the power of codeless with the flexibility of code.

The Dev Kit includes:

  • Export to code to jumpstart authoring from recorded, AI-stabilized tests
  • Modern JavaScript API to customize robust tests 
  • Example code to help you get productive fast
  • Root cause analysis to improve debugging at every step

With the Dev Kit, software developers and QA automation engineers can now use their own Integrated Development Environments (IDE) to debug, edit, refactor, and manage their tests as code. They can branch their tests, and store them next to their application code in their version control system, keeping quality control at the forefront of software development. 

When tests are executed on Testim, either manually, scheduled, or from your CI server, they still benefit from Testim’s AI and testing grid, providing parallel, cross-browser tests. Test results are visible in Testim’s reports including rich data such as before/after screenshots, console logs, and HTML for failed test steps. 

Not to be understated, because these tests are in code, with some minimal modifications, they can be run on any Selenium-compatible grid. You can now take your tests with you, eliminating vendor lock-in. 

Fast Authoring

While some users may want to write tests exclusively in code, it’s hard to compete with the speed of Testim’s advanced recorder. Testim’s advanced recorder accelerates authoring and uses AI to create Smart Locators that improve the stability of the test. 

Codeless, recorded tests, can now be exported as code. Users can record a stable E2E test fast and export that test to code where developers can modify or customize the coded test in their IDE. This new coded/codeless model increases flexibility for teams to distribute QA tasks across programmers and non-programmers, supporting broader quality initiatives.

Quick start

We are making it easy to get started writing tests in code. Setup is as simple as installing a couple of npm packages. We’ve also included sample tests to help you quickly see how they are structured, how they run, and the test results in Testim. We have aimed to make the entire experience familiar by borrowing concepts and syntax from JavaScript and Selenium, which you may already use. Read more in our documentation.  


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