Run thousands of tests in parallel in minutes, not days

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You have the freedom to run tests in any way you want

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Run thousands of tests on multiple browsers and get results in minutes

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Run the tests on your private cloud, on ours, or on premises

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We use advanced tunnel encryption technology so you can rest assured connecting to our cloud

Born for agile testing

Integrate your test results seamlessly into your app,
or figure what possibly went wrong. Win, win

  • Deploy automatically when all test pass Seamless integration with all CI/CD tools:
  • Something went wrong? Get feedback to devs in minutes, even while they code.

See the bigger picture

Get to the bottom of failed tests in minutes, have all the information in one place

html dom
visual differentiation
Any action you take in your app is captured as a screenshot
Automate lets you save HTML DOM in those cases where tests fail and you have to debug
testim integration to Applitools eyes makes it really easy to compare test results visually. You’ll be notified immediately in case a differentiation was found.
testim Automate notifies if a textual differentiation has been found. You can track the differences easily
Oh Oh…If it's a bug, click to report it to your bug tracker. Everything is attached

100% care-free & hassle-free
Selenium Grid as a service

We take care of all the maintenance so you can focus on what's really important

  • Cross browsers on demand
    Create a test and run it either on Chrome or Firefox (more browsers are coming soon).
  • Test any resolution Don't be limited by screen resolutions. Change resolutions as you need.
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Thanks to testim, our time from development to Production has decreased to minutes. It allows us to test new features in no time with full regression test coverage & CI integration. Test stability is very high, the results are easy to read and diagnose.
We definitely recommend testim as a main testing platform!
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