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AI Based Test Automation Explained Autonomous Testing: Differentiating Fact from Fiction

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Similar to the concept of self-driving cars, autonomous testing refers to the use of software to aid dev teams in testing applications. With respect to test automation, autonomous testing is applicable in the areas of risk management, maintenance, and test authoring. By streamlining and automating quality assurance, autonomous testing is revolutionizing the software development process, enabling engineering teams to deliver products much faster to clients. With autonomous testing capabilities, the velocity of dev teams is only limited by how fast they can write code. While the first of the Tesla models wasn’t self-driving, subsequent releases (powered by AI) significantly improved on the user experience, gradually bringing the product closer to becoming truly autonomous. The same will hold true for autonomous software testing.

This whitepaper discusses how AI can help resolve the tradeoffs between delivering a flawless user experience and achieving faster release velocity, with emphasis on functional E2E testing.

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