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Early access to new and experimental features.

Testim Labs is our incubator delivering exciting new capabilities. Labs includes early releases of production quality features that push test automation boundaries.

Active Capabilities

See what we are cooking up now!

Auto Grouping

Identify duplicate test steps across all of your project’s tests and automatically create reusable groups. Reduce maintenance, improve test stability, and test visualization.

Accessibility Testing

Increasingly, applications must meet accessibility requirements to serve persons with disabilities. Accessibility testing helps you create tests to verify your application meets the guidelines.

Test Flow View

A new way of visualizing test structure and application coverage. The Test Flow View provides a topology of your tests to vividly demonstrate the user flows and identify gaps or duplication.

Audit Log image

Audit Log

The project owner can now access all activities of team members on their Testim project. Logs can be filtered by time, project, user, or activity and downloaded to CSV.

Join the club

We are opening Testim Labs to a select group of customers. Labs members get early access to new features to start realizing benefits faster. Members can also provide feedback to drive improvements that fit their organization’s needs.

Membership is limited to Professional plan customers. Apply below.

Give me the deets

Testim Labs is a free membership. If interested, request an invite to join. Testim will review each submission and grant admission on a case-by-case basis. 

New capabilities will be released to Labs periodically when they have met our internal quality standards. Once in Labs, members will have full control to enable or disable each feature at the project level. 

Not every new feature will first appear in Labs. And, there’s no guarantee that a Labs feature will make general availability. Testim may even decide to charge separately for a Labs feature.

Join Labs to shape Testim’s direction to better fit your needs and preview some groundbreaking capabilities.