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Detailed step-by-step capture on Scenario Bugs

Ideal when you want to get 360° on bugs that require a whole lot of steps to reproduce. In addition to annotated screenshot, you also get the following:

  • Video
  • Automated test
  • Step-by-step screenshots

Quick mark-ups to figure what's wrong, straight from your browser

With simple bugs, sometimes all you need is a screenshot or a simple annotation.

  • Easily add annotations to highlight what's wrong.
  • Quickly view and share easy-to-understand annotated screenshots with your team members through your bug tracker.

Easily integrate with your bug tracker

Publish your bug as you work directly to your Jira project, or any other supported tracker

Detailed step-by-step of what happened. On what device and OS. Reproduce in a click
Detailed step-by-step of what happened. On what device and OS. Reproduce in a click

QA and Developers communicate quickly, clearly and efficiently

Developers can figure out what's wrong in seconds. You no longer have to worry about time-consuming QA-Developer ping-pongs.

  • Developers just click the bug automated test, and it will automatically reproduce in the browser.
  • Once the bug is fixed, developer adds it to regression test suite (CI/CD) to make sure everything works well with every update.


where is the test data stored?

In the cloud, very securely.

Will there be export to code?

Yes! Working on that.

Integration with Git?

Yes! Working on that.

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Makes it so easy to build tests

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Makes it so easy to run tests

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