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Testim launches Root Cause, open source and cloud service, to simplify troubleshooting of Puppeteer and Playwright tests

Testim, the leader in AI-based test automation, launches Root Cause, a new open-source project to help troubleshoot failed Puppeteer and Playwright tests. Now developers and automation engineers using the Puppeteer and Playwright open source frameworks have a simple way to capture and view screenshots, console logs, and network logs to diagnose test failures fast. Installation is quick and no changes to tests are needed.

Testim is also launching the Testim Root Cause cloud service, a SaaS offering built on Root Cause open source to store and share your Puppeteer and Playwright test results online for better collaboration.

Testim’s AI-based test automation platform for fast authoring of stable UI tests is now named Testim Automate. Testim Root Cause integrates with Testim Automate to satisfy existing Puppeteer and Playwright users as well as teams choosing to automate functional and UI testing on the Testim Automate platform.

Puppeteer and Playwright

Puppeteer, an open source test automation framework started and maintained by Google, is downloaded 1.5 million times per week. Playwright is a similar open source project recently initiated by Microsoft seeking to extend and improve on Puppeteer. Both frameworks enable developers to write browser tests to validate the functionality of their web application code.

As businesses seek to differentiate their products and services with innovative software, development teams need to remove process friction and release quality code faster. Developers create Puppeteer/Playwright tests alongside their application code and initiate testing from continuous integration (CI) services. When tests fail in the CI, they stop defects from releasing to production. However, failed tests require manual intervention that slows everything down.

“Puppeteer and Playwright open source frameworks are popular with frontend developers,” said Oren Rubin, CEO, and founder of Testim. “However, troubleshooting takes too long, stealing precious time from coding. We want to simplify finding the root cause of failed tests.”

Testim Root Cause

Without modifying your tests, the Testim Root Cause cloud service captures screenshots that highlight the action taken at each step in a test. The screenshots, along with console logs and network logs are stored online for shared access and collaboration. Test results including failed step indicators are viewable in the UI. Users can deep-dive into console logs and network activity to find the source of the problem. Reporting, including test and suite run history and failure insights, informs release readiness and process improvements.

“Testim is meeting developers and automation engineers where they are. They can use their own open source frameworks with Root Cause to focus on the troubleshooting aspect,” said Paz Yanover, vice president of Product. “Or, teams can move to a more modern approach using Testim Automate, a full test automation platform using AI to improve authoring speed and test stability.”

About Testim
Founded in late 2014 with offices in San Francisco and Tel Aviv. Testim uses AI to help organizations improve quality and accelerate software releases. Testim’s AI-based test automation platform speeds authoring of stable automated, cross-browser tests. Hundreds of customers including Microsoft, JFrog, and LogMeIn run millions of tests using Testim every month.


About Testim

Testim was acquired by Tricentis in 2022. Tricentis Testim is an AI-powered test automation solution for custom and cloud-native web applications. It helps companies accelerate releases, improve software quality, and integrate testing into their agile processes. Testim uses AI to adapt to your web application’s code changes, minimizing maintenance time so you improve speed and quality. Testim handles advanced use cases through built-in validations, loops, conditions, or by inserting custom JavaScript into tests. Microsoft, Salesforce, JFrog, and others run millions of tests using Testim every month.