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Capture screenshots, logs, and network files, for visual and deep troubleshotting of Puppeteer and Playwright tests.

Included in all root cause plans

  • Screenshots for every step
  • Console logs
  • HAR files
  • Unlimited parallelization
  • Unlimited users
  • Reports
  • Self help (Docs, Community)
  • 30 days retention

Select the monthly capacity needed

*Artifacts are calculated per organization, per month.

Artifacts include screenshots, console logs, har files captured with each test run

Have a question?

  • What is test parallelization?

    Parallelization is running tests at the same time on different (virtual) machines to reduce your overall execution time. Root Cause has no limit on capturing parallelized test run results.

  • What is an artifact?

    Testim Root Cause pricing is determined by the number of artifacts used per month.

    Artifacts represent the screenshots, console logs, and HAR files captured with each test run. Artifacts are generated on each test run and are stored in Testim.

    Screenshots captured with each step are the biggest driver of artifacts. To estimate monthly artifacts needed, multiply the number of tests by your average test length (in terms of actions or steps), by the number of times you run the test each month. For example, 1000 tests X 50 steps per test X 10 runs per month =  500,000 artifacts. Then, add a buffer, say 5-10%, to account for console and network logs.

  • How long do you retain my results?

    Your tests will remain in Testim for up to 30 days after you cancel.

  • Is support included?

    Support is self-service through documentation and the Testim Community Slack channel in addition to email support through Testim.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept check, wire transfer, or major credit card. Enterprise packages can include additional payment options. Contact your sales representative for more information.

  • How do I see how many artifacts I've used?

    Customers can access their test run totals within Testim via the subscription page located at the top left corner of their account.

  • What security assurances do you provide?

    We have designed and developed Testim to protect and secure the data, users, and organizations that access our service. Testim maintains appropriate administrative, technical, and physical procedures to protect customer data. Your sales representative can provide the following documents upon request:

    • Architectural Diagram
    • Private Grid Documentation
    • Software Development Policy
    • Acceptable Use Policy
    • Employee Hiring Practices Document
    • Penetration Testing Certificate
    • SOC2 Type II Report
    • Security Whitepaper
  • I have more questions.

    We’re here to help! Please contact us at 1 – 408 – 980 – 7145 or [email protected]

Why Testim?

Testim has been building AI-based test automation solutions that help organizations like Microsoft, JFrog, and SalesForce quickly author stable E2E tests. We use, integrate with, and learn from test automation frameworks like Selenium, Puppeteer, Playwright, and Cypress. Our mission is to make software quality easy, whether on our platform or yours.