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AI Based Test Automation Explained Autonomous Testing: Differentiating Fact from Fiction

Introduction Similar to the concept of self-driving cars, autonomous testing refers to the use of software to aid dev teams in testing applications. With respect to test automation, autonomous testing…

Engagio Increased Test Coverage and Reduced Maintenance by 90%

Engagio is a two-year-old marketing software startup that helps marketers land and expand their target accounts. The company is rapidly growing with more than 150 customers and 45 employees. Based…
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Testim Security and Protocols

Testim Security Practices and Protocols

Overview This paper describes our strict and rigorous approach for securing our users' tests and data. Testim assumes all data is highly sensitive and always strive to use the best…

Market Leading Hybrid Cloud Data Services Relies on Testim

Our client is the market-leading data authority for the hybrid cloud. They provide a full range of hybrid cloud data services that simplify application management and data across cloud and…
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From Manual Testing to 40K Tests in Five Months – Learn How to Test AI Systems

Globality is the number-one B2B services marketplace that matches leading companies with small and midsize service firms worldwide for specialized high-value projects. Globality revolutionized the RFP process with AI technology.…
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Test Automation CI/CD

Test Automation – The Key to Implementing CI/CD

The process of building and deploying software is undergoing a revolution, not unlike the invention of the assembly line. That seminal development allowed Ford Motor Company to crank out consumer…

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