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Talented IOS Researcher / Developer

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Tel Aviv, Israel
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About us

Do the terms “Agile”,“DevOps”, “Cloud”, “Mobile”, CI/CD”, resonate with you?
Have you been through an Agile transformation or currently going through one?
Are you building automated delivery pipelines?

Testim.io is a well funded startup located in Tel Aviv and San Francisco. We are the fastest growing provider of autonomous testing using machine learning solutions with hundreds of companies across 15 countries. Our platform supports engineering teams who are developing some of the most complex software that is used by millions of people everyday.

Our customers includes: NetApp, Swisscom, Autodesk and Wix.com.

Why you’ll love your job

  • You will be taking a significant part in growing startup, where you will directly impact our product.
  • You will be challenged by researching new technologies, APIs and frameworks.
  • You will work with cutting edge web and mobile technologies in the highest levels.
  • You'll feel more productive by having your code deployed on the same day to production.

You Are

  • Someone with more than 5 years of experience in ios development.
  • Experienced in building and publishing mobile apps or internal/security mobile products.
  • Someone with Knowledge in research or reverse engineering.
  • Holding a B.Sc in computer science or equivalent.
  • Someone who is passionate about creating and building new products from scratch and the user experience around them.
  • Someone who enjoys having responsibility and a sense of ownership over the created product.
  • A team player, quick learner and independent


  • Knowledge in Javascript
  • Machine Learning experience
  • Experience with test automation frameworks such as Appium and/or Espresso
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