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With Automate you can be sure your tests will never break.
Yes, even when your app changes.

  • Drill down analysis Testim analyzes thousands of parameters for each element, weighing their overall reliability, and ranking them accordingly.
  • Machine learning over time The more you test your app, the more stable it becomes.
Machine learning example
The bottom line: Testim Automate significantly reduces the maintenance and rewriting of tests

Test at the speed of lightning

Automate lets your create tests faster than ever:


Create stable tests in minutes

Each interaction turns into a step - which you can run, edit, delete or reuse
Create tests on the go - Automate records every interaction

Code or Record: Create tests either by code or by recording, or by any combination of the two

Populate Login Form with random username and password which are generated in your JS code
Reference DOM elements as parameters and use them in your code

Reuse any step of a test for other tests you might be running

Add reusable scenario with a click

Get more out of your tests

Leverage your tests with Automate's built-in advanced capabilities.
Do more in less time

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Everything's ready for you to continuously integrate and deploy

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Get detailed test results, achieve continuous delivery with zero setup

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